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    Eric Newport

    I completed my LSSBB training through Villanova. I have been working somewhat as a BB and developing a program at a healthcare facility.

    I am now looking to get my certification as a black belt. I know that the ASQ is somewhat the ‘gold standard’ for certifications in LSS. However, is there any benefit one way or the other to going with ASQ vs Villanova vs other certification?

    Thank you in advance for your help and guidance.



    This question has been asked many times so you might find some insight searching this forum. You certainly know that since there is no central certifying body for SS or LSS there are many places to get certification, just as there are many places to get a college degree. A hiring manager will be more impressed if you have one from a highly respected institution. Both ASQ and Villanova are highly respected. So are some others, including internal certification from some corporations. I lean toward ASQ but I may be a bit prejudiced as a senior member.


    Mike Carnell

    @enewport You have a certificate that reads Villanova. Industry knows that is really a company called Bisk that sells through Villanova so for the most part people in industry do not believe your certificate at face value,

    I can’t speak for hiring practices for the rest of the world but on a personal level I do not consider a Villanova certification as adequate. Look at the Moresteam training methods (they do have industry credibility) and you will see the difference.

    Just my opinion.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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