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    Dear Internet:

    I’m leading a workshop in Leader Standard Work. In the past, as an icebreaker/energizer, I’ve done an exercise where:

    • One person steps outside
    • The group selects a “Leader”
    • The Leader develops some quick pattern of behavior – nonverbal
    • Everyone else mimics, repeatedly
    • The outside person comes back in and tries to determine who is the “Leader” and who is following

    In theory, the outsider can spot the leader pretty quickly – so you can debrief on how leadership behaviors impact others.

    Then I ask the outsider to repeat the behaviors. (S)he usually can’t, for three reasons:

    • If you don’t understand why the leader is asking you to do something, it’s hard to do it yourself
    • Managers typically overestimate the impact of their behavior
    • Managers typically underestimate the sustainability of their directives

    Now, I like the last three learning points, but I have yet to have a group that doesn’t feel infantilized getting there.


    1. Anyone have any good LSW group exercises?
    2. Anyone have any good websites they can redirect me to?




    Mike Thelen


    Thanks. There are some good ones in there – I’m always looking for good push/pull exercises.

    My most immediate need is something specific to Leader Behaviors. So I’m still easily suggestible!




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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