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    Kevin Hankins

    The calculator at
    reports a Process Sigma answer = 5.607, given
    Total Units = 100,000
    Total Defects = 2
    Opportunities per Unit = 1
    Thus the calculator ASSUMES that the present measurement is with the distribution fully shifted (1.5sigma toward the limit).
    This assumption is a VERY RARE case. 
    The correct answer for Process Sigma is 2.607 to 5.607,
    with 4.107 most likely.
    The main point is, you surely do not want to report that you have a “5.607 Sigma” process when it is actually “something between 2.607 and 5.607 Sigma”.  That would be a gross overstatement of your process capability.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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