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    lean man

    my organisation is developing a lean program that will integrate with the existing 6-sigma program. We currently reward 6-sigma business team members who spend 1 day a week on projects with YB certification (providing the necessary requirements are met) but our approach to lean is different. Team members spend a number of weeks full time working on a lean VSM project however as yet, we have not yet decided on how best to recognise this involvement and personal development. As they are not following/using the DMAIC methodology, we are reluctant to certify them as YB’s.
    Any ideas? any one got a lean certification set of requirements for business team members?


    John Zavacki

    If they are creating VSMs and using them for performance improvement, they are probably using DMAIC.  A current state VSM Defines the current state, Measures current performance, and identifies opportunities for Improvment through Analysis of the VSM.  The Future State VSM should include a Control Plan for tracking effectiveness. 
    A few questions:
    how do you prepare participants for the VSM exercise?how do you choose the VSMs for analysis?how do you select the processes to improve?
    You can make the reward a Lean Belt with whatever name you choose to give it.  As long as people are learning and using the knowledge to continuously improve quality of process and environment they are “belts” of whatever color you choose.



    We have 6-sigma MBB, BB, GB, YB and for those that are trained in Lean tools you guessed it Lean MBB, BB, GB or Lean Tool expert for those only using a single tool e.g 5s.


    Adam L Bowden

    I have to disagree …
    You state    “that are trained in Lean tools you guessed it Lean MBB, BB, GB or Lean Tool expert”
    Typically there is:
    – Kaizen Leader / Trainer
    – Lean Expert (LE)
    – Lean Master (LM)
    There is a lot of BS out there on levels and the combining of Lean and Six Sigma (marketing BS) which ultimately weakens both for example:
    BB training is 4 weeks, LE is 4 weeks – Lean Sigma training is 4 weeks.  So if you combing 4 beeks of BB and 4 weeks of LE together into a 4 week Lean Sigma programme it suffers.  From what I’ve seen of Lean Sigma materials they sseem to be written by MBBs and the majority of Lean is absent.  In the past I’ve put my BBs through LE training and the LE’s through BB training thus providing them with the depth of knowledge they need to get the job done.
    From my experience the Lean folks will resist getting tagged with a “belt” – they are more interested in getting the job done.
    Any other view points out there – I’d be interested to hear it ????

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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