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    Adam L Bowden

    In a posting today:
    “Robert Shank, Managing Director at International Association for
    Six Sigma Certification, LLC” posted …
    “International Association for Six Sigma Certification
    Finally after over 20 years without a centralized body establishing
    standards for a Universally Accepted Lean Six Sigma Body of
    Knowledge IASSC has stepped up to the task for the Black Belt and
    Green Belt community. Lean Six Sigma is being taken out of the
    mire and is now on a path to professionalism. Visit
    to begin the journey.”- Yet another money maker !!!!!!It was posted on the LinkedIn “Network of Organizational Change
    Managers” blog and I replied rather scathingly.Is Six Sigma going to go the way of TQM – mass inoculation from a
    book of knowledge (BOK) and just take a test – wow – that’s easy.There is no wonder so many SS deployments or projects fail.Adam



    Is that the same as “Robert S”, the guy both Carnell and Stan are always trashing on here? Wasn’t he OSI or something? Is this another scam of his?


    Adam L Bowden

    Not sure Curious – CARNELL, DARTH, STAN ????Adam____________
    “Is that the same as “Robert S”, the guy both Carnell and Stan are
    always trashing on here? Wasn’t he OSI or something? Is this another
    scam of his?”


    Tim Kelley

    A couple of thoughts on this topic. First, of course an examination alone is insufficient to ascertain if a candidate has BB skills. Nevertheless, we should all recognize there is a problem with the state of LSS certification, particularly at the BB level. The status quo is a mess: neither those who need to employ BBs nor those who desire to achieve BB status can look at a cert alone and understand what they are buying. The status quo is inefficient at best and deceitful at worst. This new organization advertising testing centers recognizes the nature of the problem, but fails to solve the problem by addressing only side of the equation: the side of the candidate. By bringing forward a standard that does not meet the employers’ need to know whether a candidate has the requisite experience and capability, candidates will hold themselves out as certified BBs without knowing that the cert carries little to no weight. That approach takes advantage of ill-informed candidates seeking to improve their lot in live and ignores the demands of employers. What is needed is an industry standard that also meets the employers’ need for an efficient means to determine a candidate’s capability and experience. Generally, and as reflected by iSixSigma surveys of the past, there is consensus among corporate deployments that a BB has training, perhaps passes a test for knowledge, and completes a couple of projects that are reviewed. This is the direction we should encourage the industry to take. We can do that by supporting individuals seeking BB status to find certification programs adhering to this type of approach, and by encouraging our own employers, clients and peers to do the same. My two cents.



    Yes, I believe it is the same person. Possibly Carnell and Stan can confirm.



    Hey Adam,
    Yeah, it’s our dear old, Robert S./Les/Freddy/Zippo…



    Dont Forget Brandon on the list

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