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    Hi Every body ,
    This query of mine is not directly related to quality but a very important issue concerning my organisation . Actually its realted to man power . I am in BPO sector and we employee new agents through direct walk ins and through the candidates referred into by the consulatancy firms . But the number of consulatnts which  my organisation deals with is very large. Now I want to evaluate these hiring agency according to certain parameters so that we can forge a long term relationship and provide more incentive to them .
    So if I want to develop a model to evaluate them what parameters to include



    I am also working in the BPO industry and to be honest do not have much exposure in the HR area yet.
    However, if you are willing to consider my ideas on your query, here they are:
    Ibelieve you need to take a VOC from your recruitment team/HR team asking them what is it that they are looking for in the candidates that are sent in by these firms. After gathering the VOC, try to convert them into measurable metrics & start measuring each one on those metrics.
    After measurement of about 3 weeks (or enough data points) perform simple comparative analysis and enter into a contract with the firm that has achieved higher scores on your metrics.
    Hope it helps.
    – Neal.



    I will go by what Neal has suggested,
    In addition to that it would also be a good idea as to look at
    1. footfall provided by respective consultants against what were the numbers required as per JD.
    2. you may also like to look upon the % of associates actually getting hiring letters against total no of associates interviewd.
    3.Hiring time from first interview/test/screening to employee joining board (not sure weather this would be a good idea from view point of measuring consultants,,,but it would definately be important to HR)
    Hope this helps


    Mike Carnell

    Log onto a website (check out the article on the CIO position) He does a thing called Predictive Index (PI). You can also get a perspective on this in a Blog (iSixSigma of course) by Gary Cone. It will give you more insight into the people you are dealing with than you will get in any interview. There are things that make consultants work and it has nothing to do with pleasing an articulated wish list from your customer.
    If you want to incentivise them you need to understand their drives (distinctly different from their personality).
    You may also want to check out “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” page 18 where he discusses Personality and Character ethics to see where many interviews go wrong. We (maybe not we) have been trained to turn on the personality that you think is needed. It is a rubber ruler and an MSA nightmare.
    Just my opinion
    Good Luck

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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