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Ask the Expert: The Topic – Six Sigma Certification

Steve Wittig, vice president-Six Sigma at Masco Builder Cabinet Group, offers his views on Six Sigma certification. He discusses his company’s policies on certification criteria, third-party certification and recertification for all levels of Belts.

ASQ Bodies of Knowledge

Six Sigma Black Belt Six Sigma Green Belt Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence

Deployment Focus: Certifications or Project Benefits?

Which is more important in a Six Sigma deployment –- training or benefits? Six Sigma training, which leads to certifications, is a means to an end. Certifications are the Xs, or the causes, and benefits are the big Y, or the effect.

Five Simple Steps to Project Certification Success

For many organizations, Lean Six Sigma certification requires a Green Belt or Black Belt to present and defend their project to a panel of experts. Whether you are preparing for a project presentation as the final step to achieve certification or simply as a routine part of closing a project, the five tips provided here will be sure to help.

Lean Six Sigma Certification

Do I need to be certified? Which company or organization should certify me? Is there a single certification standard? Does experience outweigh a need for certification?

Mad Belt Disease: Over-emphasis on Certification

Six Sigma success comes when organizations make a broad and sustained commitment to deep-seated culture change. It does not come as a result of heroic efforts by a small group, no matter how knowledgeable, determined, or well-trained.

Research: Six Sigma Certification

In this research study, iSixSigma looks at Six Sigma certification – who is being certified, what was required in order to be certified, why people choose to be certified and much more.

Six Sigma Certification, Who Can Do It?

Six Sigma certification is a funny concept. Everyone wants to be certified, but nobody really understands what it means in the industry and how it might enhance your resume outside your current company. This article helps the reader understand who can certify, what certification means, what Six Sigma certification requirements exist, and much more.

What Is Six Sigma Certification?

What is Six Sigma certification? How can I get Six Sigma certified? Where can I get Six Sigma certified? Is Six Sigma certification transferable if I leave a company for another? This article will help answer these questions regarding the ubiquitous and confusing Six Sigma certification.

5S and Lean eBooks

Six Sigma Online Certification: White, Yellow, Green and Black Belt

Six Sigma Statistical and Graphical Analysis with SigmaXL
Six Sigma Online Certification: White, Yellow, Green and Black Belt
Lean and Six Sigma Project Examples
GAGEpack for Quality Assurance
Find the Perfect Six Sigma Job

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