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Training Training Materials & Aids

Training Materials & Aids

3 Challenges to Overcome When Developing a Lean Six Sigma Training Curriculum

During 2008-2009, I led an effort to create an in-house Lean Six Sigma training curriculum in our 34-hospital healthcare system. Not only did my organization want the training to be effective and cost-efficient, but it also needed to help standardize…

A Creative Approach to Continuous Improvement Training

By using question-based workbook exercises in training, Belts will be better prepared to guide teams in solving problems.

Apply Dynamic Content to Six Sigma Courses

Six Sigma course materials can benefit from “dynamic content,” engaging and relevant examples and assignments tailored to class participants.

Best of Benchmarking Research: Training and Development

iSixSigma Magazine is celebrating five years as a resource for Lean Six Sigma professionals. During those years, iSixSigma has produced a series of research reports on aspects of deploying Six Sigma. Here we’ve compiled benchmarking data on training.

Creating A Training Paradigm Shift

While training traditional software services personnel it becomes imperative to give an experiential feeling in the classroom. Using case studies and sharing success stories will help develop conviction in practitioners.

Experiential Learning of Lean Six Sigma with Marbles and Toy Cars

Conducting experiments using marbles and toy cars is a fun way for practitioners to teach students about the use of graphical and analytical tools, and also give them a better understanding of the Six Sigma mantra to “control x, then Y will take care of itself.”

Interaction Key to Conducting High-impact Training

Many Belts are asked to teach others about Six Sigma. To make the best use of the time allotted, Belts must conduct high-impact training. This means leaving a lasting impression and ensuring that the students fully understand what they have learned.

Lean Six Sigma Blended Learning for Your Business [VIDEO] – With John Best

In this interview, you will learn how companies as diverse as Seagate, Monsanto, the Department of Defense and CapitalOne have implemented blended learning for their Lean and Six Sigma programs.

Measuring the Training Options for Lean Six Sigma

Training methods necessary to implement Lean Six Sigma and related methodologies vary widely, but the choices narrow when measured against the needs of an organization. Candidates and companies should consider a number of factors.

Resource Page: How to Learn Lean Six Sigma

Individuals have options for learning new skills at the place they prefer and in the way they prefer: in-person, online or blended (a combination of classroom and online).

Six Sigma Training

Six Sigma training is one of the most important factors that contributes to and helps modify and shape a Six Sigma culture. This article will help identify who in your organization is required to go through six sigma training and what type of six sigma training they should receive.

The Change Game: Engaging Exercises to Teach Change

By using simulations, exercises or games, practitioners can engage their learning environments and improve knowledge retention, skills and applications. The three games described here teach lessons about dealing with situations involving change.

The Seven Intelligences: Enhance Six Sigma Training

Howard Gardner suggests that every person has a unique combination of multiple intelligences. Understanding what these intelligences can help practitioners design a variety of ways to better communicate lessons about Six Sigma.

Three Steps That Can Mean Effective Six Sigma Training

One of the keys to a successful Six Sigma deployment is Green Belts and Black Belts who are well-trained and equipped to overcome any hurdles in executing projects. Thus, how training is carried out should be of concern to every Six Sigma company.

What Makes a Training Program Effective?

By analyzing and learning from previous efforts, an organization was able to fine-tune the methods used for training new employees.

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