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Video Interviews

Change Anything in Your Business or Personal Life [VIDEO] – With Ron McMillan

Ron McMillan is one of the authors of the book “Change Anything,” which introduces a framework to help you achieve any of your business or personal goals by: becoming a scientist, studying yourself, identifying crucial moments where you fail, creating vital behaviors, and engaging in six sources of influence.

Choose the Right Process Improvement Methodology [VIDEO] – With Joe De Feo

Most people know what it means to improve a process, but which improvement methodology is best for your organization: Lean, Six Sigma, theory of constraints, PDCA or some other framework?

Design of Experiments to Optimize Any Process or Product [VIDEO] – With Mark Kiemele

Design of experiments (DOE) is one of those specialized and sophisticated tools you should have in your toolbox. It is a technique to optimize any process or product better, faster and cheaper than other optimization methods, including A/B testing (also known as OFAT or one-factor-at-a-time) and "expert" guessing.

How to Develop a Lean Six Sigma Deployment Plan [VIDEO] – With Gary Cone

Starting a Lean or Six Sigma initiative at your organization is no easy task. The task is easier, however, when you build a comprehensive deployment plan. In this video, you will learn everything you need to know about a successful Lean or Six Sigma deployment plan.

Lean Increases Small Team Effectiveness Three-fold [VIDEO] – With Jim Benson

Implementing the Lean methodology in small teams can have enormous benefit, in one case increasing team effectiveness, as measured by throughput, by 200 percent to 300 percent. Other benefits include better communication (both internally and to the entire organization), improved employee moral, improved work output and increased customer satisfaction.

Lean Six Sigma Blended Learning for Your Business [VIDEO] – With John Best

In this interview, you will learn how companies as diverse as Seagate, Monsanto, the Department of Defense and CapitalOne have implemented blended learning for their Lean and Six Sigma programs.

Lean Six Sigma Online Training and Certification Due Diligence [VIDEO]

How do you figure out if an online Lean Six Sigma training and certification course is useful and worthwhile? Learn from four industry experts who discuss critical issues facing students evaluating training and certification options.

Six Sigma Takes a Swing: Making More Hits in Baseball [VIDEO] – With Roger Hart

Why hasn't baseball seen a .400 hitter since 1941? Roger Hart solved this problem with Six Sigma, producing a more than 30 percent improvement in hitting.

The 3 Most Important Practices for Achieving Process Excellence [VIDEO] – With Lee Pollock

This interview with Lee Pollock describes the three most important practices for achieving the results you expect from your process excellence program.

Understanding Statistical Process Control [VIDEO] – With Eduardo Santiago

Knowing whether a process is in control and stable is paramount to producing a product or service that meets customer needs. In this hour-long Minitab training course, Eduardo Santiago covers many useful topics related to statistical process control.

What Is Lean Six Sigma [VIDEO] – With Rick Murrow

The most common Lean Six Sigma questions are asked and answered, including: How do you describe Lean Six Sigma from a 50,000-foot level, what results can be expected from implementing Lean Six Sigma, and how is Lean Six Sigma different from TQM or other process improvement methodologies?

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