Lean Six Sigma Executive Overview Training Slides


Need to get your Executives on-board and excited about Lean Six Sigma?

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This training course is a great way to educate your Executives about the power of Lean Six Sigma. The material presents powerful, professional content that will get the message across.

The Lean Six Sigma Executive Overview Training Course is comprised of:

  • 105 PowerPoint slides,
  • Instructor notes,
  • Slide explanations.

Slides are geared for executive teams or division level management.

This course has been designed to acquaint executives with the methodologies of Lean Six Sigma, describe what their application may do for your firm and describe how such a program is undertaken and sustained.

Your company is likely comprised of a number of highly competent, motivated people. These methodologies are intended to assist them in achieving the firm’s objectives.

*** A companion to this training course, the Lean Six Sigma Executive Introduction E-book is a powerful tool that emphasizes the training, methodology and ensures your success. The e-book can be found here.

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