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53% of respondents from small companies who said innovation at theirorganization is independent of Six Sigma

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More large companies use Six Sigma than do small companies – yet Six Sigma is alive and well in many “small” companies. In the context of this research, small companies are defined as those with less than $50 million in annual revenue; large companies are those with revenues of $1 billion or more.

Certainly, organizations with fewer employees and less revenue will approach the application of the methodology differently than a multi-billion dollar corporation. But how do these ends of the spectrum differ?

This research article analyzes data from previous iSixSigma surveys this year with a new focus on small companies. For each topic, the data has been further stratified by company size to get a look at how size affects aspects of a Six Sigma deployment.

Find out what Six Sigma looks like at small companies – and how their approach differs from deployments at billion dollar-plus organizations. Key findings:

  • A Black Belt in a small company (those with less than $50 million in annual revenue) typically completes a project in 1 month less than their counterpart at a large company.
  • Black Belts at small companies more often work independently (42 percent) than those at large companies (16 percent).
  • Innovation and Six Sigma are more likely to be independent of each other at small companies

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