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100% Six Sigma leadership positions are “mostly” or “always” filled through internal promotions.

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Many attributes can make a company a desirable place for an employee to work – a culture that is in sync with the employee’s natural style, an outstanding benefits package, stock options, the opportunity for a sabbatical, and any number of other perks such as an on-site fitness facility with laundry service or simply a convenient location.

For Six Sigma practitioners, there are additional factors to consider – ones that are specific to the Six Sigma work environment.

What is it about an organization that keeps Six Sigma zealots zealous for their company? To find out, and to recognize the businesses excelling in this area, we decided to research company environments and compile a “best-of” list – iSixSigma’s Best Places to Work.

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The fact that the 16 companies completed the rigorous process to participate in iSixSigma’s Best Places to Work list reflects their commitment both to operational excellence and to their team members.

Whatever other perks these companies offer, it’s clear that they have created a positive work environment for Six Sigma employees. As one respondent said, the best thing about working for their business is “knowing that I can make a difference.”

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