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  • Darth replied to the topic Regression in the forum General 6 months, 1 week ago

    The p value tells you whether you have a statistically significant relationship. The r squared tells you the strength of the relationship. Not unusual to see the condition as you described it or as MBBinWI stated, your professor to ask about it.

  • @hlyh1230 Based on the questions you’re asking, this appears to be a homework assignment rather than a real business activity. Given your complete lack of understanding as to what constitutes a DOE, I would suggest that you do a lot more studying and learning and not attempt doing this DOE whether it is by hand or by computer.

  • Darth replied to the topic Ideal WIP Level in the forum Tools & Templates 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    @amarghatak The more frequent and experienced posters give up valuable time to try and help others on this site. But, there are certain expectations they have of Posters which if not met brings out the negative comments and criticism. One of those is that the Forum is not to be used to get answers to test questions. That would be unethical. …[Read more]

  • Kicab,
    I guess we won’t be resolving this issue this year. So, have a Happy Healthy New Year and we will speak again in a year.

  • @kicabcm @cseider We don’t need no stink’in clarification from the original poster!!! We are usually fine just reading into a post whatever we want and providing answers to questions posters don’t even ask. That’s what makes us so good :-).

  • Kicab,
    I agree on the first of your further comments. I try to emphasize the Null and Alternate hypotheses to state that “the data is not different from normal” or “data is different from normal” rather than […]

  • @mbbinWI @kicabcm The guy is asking about pass/fail. Both your comments refer to continuous data. All he needs is a precision which he gave and an estimate of the proportion defective. Be careful of online calculators since they usually deal with a power of .5 which is often pretty weak. Happy holidays to you both.

  • I don’t totally agree with your opening comments that non normal data doesn’t tend towards a central value. Of course it does. You can calculate means, medians and modes of non normal continuous data which are […]

  • Darth replied to the topic Questions in the forum Training 9 months, 1 week ago

    The z shift is bogus so why are you being asked this on a BB exam?

  • Darth replied to the topic Control Charts in the forum General 9 months, 1 week ago

    I hope this isn’t one of those silly revisionist posts claiming that Shewhart was a charlatan and that Breyfogle is right.

  • Minitab has an excellent random data generator that can provide all the data you need without the messiness of actually collecting it or needing much support. Real data is to be feared. It has a tendency to reveal what is going on and leadership might actually discover that people aren’t doing their jobs or accomplishing objectives. If that is…[Read more]

  • @martinkh Been there done that. Everyone thinks consulting is the perfect gig until the famine part sets in. Nice to have the biweekly direct deposit now. Good luck in your search and fight the urge to prostitute yourself for the buck. @mike-carnell can probably give you some insights on how to hold onto your integrity in the face of cash…[Read more]

  • Gee Kimmy, we missed you. Now ur back with an irrelevant question again.

  • Darth replied to the topic What Is Process Excellence? in the forum General 11 months ago

    Same sxxt different package. Everyone wants to put their own stamp on their deployment.

  • @martinkh I have read your recent posts and each of them drips of cynicism and unhappiness. It is apparent that your experiences to date have been bad and you have been involved in some poorly executed deployments. Many of us have had the same experiences but then again, some of us have experienced some really good ones as well. Possibly you…[Read more]

  • @mike-carnell Mike, aren’t you still the VP of Sales for Moresteam or do I have the wrong Mike Carnell? Seriously, they are a good group of people and Mike could never work for anybody but himself so the thing with Moresteam would never work out :-)

  • @mike-carnell Pretty friggin great answers also, eh? And that was some great wisdom filled deep oratory you posted. All I remember are interior decorating tips about floor coverings. Getting late, let the tequila floowwwwwww.

  • Darth replied to the topic Help with Questions in the forum General 11 months, 1 week ago

    @leanman A large portion of taking multiple guess questions is strategy. Find two of the three being correct and the answer becomes obvious. In the question above, you can use DMADV for an existing process that has reached “entitlement”, for a new process not yet developed and for one that is so broken that you need to toss it out. Therefore…[Read more]

  • @niessest There are typically words or phrases that trigger which tool to use. If you want to just know the current state of your process you might use something as simple as Descriptive Statistics. If the question is whether the process has changed over time you might use Control Charts and then select the correct one based on your data. If…[Read more]

  • @mike-carnell Hope you recommended Giganto Consulting :-). They have lots of experience in deploying LSS in the healthcare setting.

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