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iSixSigma is the premier portal and vertical industry marketplace at the cutting edge of the Lean Six Sigma and process excellence professions. Designed to help professionals maintain up-to-the-minute knowledge of news, jobs, methodologies, tools and best practices, iSixSigma is helping to define Lean Six Sigma in the new economy. Producing well-written, detailed and highly practical content drives professionals to visit often.

Because of our focused content, its importance to our users, and the frequency of updates, iSixSigma attracts large numbers of quality and business managers in all industries from every country in the world. The result yields a highly desirable audience that returns frequently, offering advertisers quality and frequency.

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Brand Recognition

iSixSigma is the #1 Lean Six Sigma focused site. With thousands of links and articles, hundreds of filtered jobs, events and news nobody else comes close. Almost any Six Sigma search, on any search engine will show you that all roads lead to iSixSigma!

Constantly Updated Site Content

Unlike other sites or advertising media, iSixSigma content is updated throughout each day. And we are always developing new ideas to keep it appealing and exciting. There is always new content for visitors to see, resulting in repeat visitors and multiple exposures for your online advertising message.

Desirable Audience Demographics

iSixSigma targets Black Belts, Master Black Belts, Quality Leaders, consultants, engineers, managers, and anyone else in the organization that is interested in improving process performance. Our visitors are not out surfing, they are learning how to be more effective in their job and are ready to purchase the tools that will help them succeed. These individuals have both the ability and authority to make capital decisions on behalf of themselves and their companies. Together they represent billions of dollars of purchasing power. It would be tough to find a better demographic.

Simple Design, Rich Content and Ease of Navigation

iSixSigma is a robust web site designed with both visitor and advertiser in mind. The system’s simple and familiar design, relevant content and ease of navigation ensure that your online advertising messages are highly visible. Ad banners are positioned at the top of each page, and we’re always refining our offering to provide you with maximum exposure.

Our References Speak For Themselves

While we are constantly looking for new alliances and partnerships to drive more traffic to our portal, we find the best referrals are the ones we don’t even ask for. Seventy percent of the Fortune 100 companies in America subscribe to at least one iSixSigma service. Below is a partial list of company intranets (internal company use only) that link to the resources found on iSixSigma:

✅ Motorola
✅ Starwood Hotels
✅ Marconi
✅ JP Morgan
✅ Dupont
✅ GE Capital
✅ Delta Air
✅ Vanguard
✅ Caterpillar
✅ Ford
✅ Salomon Smith Barney
✅ Verizon
✅ Volvo Cars
✅ Jaguar
✅ Johnson & Johnson
✅ Rapp Collins Worldwide
✅ Dell Computers
✅ Siemens
✅ Paccar
✅ Lucent
✅ And hundreds of other Fortune 1,000 companies

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