About iSixSigma

Founded in May of 2000 in Ridgefield, Connecticut, by Michael Cyger, iSixSigma is a diversified, high-tech B2B media business dedicated to providing essential information, research and how-to knowledge to help businesses and organizations worldwide improve execution.

iSixSigma provides the most comprehensive and essential Six Sigma resources available to businesses anywhere.

As the world’s leading publisher and content provider for the Six Sigma community, iSixSigma helps hundreds of thousands of monthly readers learn new skills, advance their careers, and contribute to the success of their organizations through a wide range of articles, tools, conferences, practitioner forums.

Six Sigma Companies

More than 70% of the Fortune 100 companies in America are regular readers of iSixSigma.

Companies such as Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard, Bank of America, Singapore Telecommunications, Allied Signal, Xerox, Johnson & Johnson, Ford Motor Company, General Electric, and many more routinely link their private Intranet sites directly to the iSixSigma website so their employees can gain access to its resources. iSixSigma’s brand is recognized and trusted throughout the world.

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Our Purpose

To help you increase business efficiency by providing engaging, educational and entertaining content.

Our publishing focus areas include Lean, Lean Six Sigma, Lean Startup, project management, change management…and a host of other process improvement methodologies.

Our Values

  • Subject Matter Expertise: We provide the most comprehensive information about Lean Six Sigma worldwide. It is the best source for unbiased content, in large part because the information comes directly from you – Lean Six Sigma leaders and practitioners.
  • Objectivity: We practice what we preach. We look for, and to, data and statistical analysis internally as well as externally.
  • Integrity: We operate with honesty and uprightness. We do not sell advertising disguised as unbiased input.
  • Diversity: We find authors and encourage diversity of thought, strategies and tactics because we know there is not one solution for every problem.
  • Community: We foster an inclusive, worldwide community.

What We Do

ISixSigma, Publishers - Periodical, Bainbridge Island, WA

Reaching hundreds of thousands of people each month through its websites, books, videos, podcasts, and subscription newsletter services, iSixSigma champions the idea that breakthrough process improvement can be accomplished by anyone within an organization. Our offerings include: – has provided the most comprehensive and essential resources available to businesses at every stage of their Lean Six Sigma maturity and professionals at every skill level. Hundreds of thousands of monthly online readers learn new skills, advance their careers and contribute to the success of their organizations through a wide range of articles, blog posts, tools and a discussion forum.

iSixSigma Store – is an online store for templates, project examples, research reports, e-books, training materials, e-learning courses and much more – all delivered electronically for immediate download. The iSixSigma Marketplace is dedicated to providing excellence business management products for the business professional, student or instructor.

iSixSigma Jobs – is the world’s largest clearing house for job candidates and employers in the Lean Six Sigma industry. It provides job seekers with targeted Lean Six Sigma jobs from leading companies around the world, and employers with a database that includes tens of thousands of resumes from Lean Six Sigma candidates.

What We Publish

We publish on topics that help companies become more intelligent and productive, including

Who We Are

Michael CygerMichael Cyger, Founder and Publisher
Michael Cyger is an entrepreneur, businessman, investor, speaker and author. He received his business education in corporate America at GE and Citigroup, leadership training at Crotonville (GE’s John F. Welch Leadership Center), and ability to solve problems through formal education in engineering, GE’s prestigious Edison Engineering Program, years of Six Sigma training, and lots of practice.

Cyger is a certified Green Belt at GE Power Systems in 1996, served as a Master Black Belt for GE Capital Commercial Equipment Finance, and worked on a Six Sigma deployment at Citigroup.

Erin DucceschiErin Ducceschi, Editor in Chief
Erin Ducceschi is an award winning editor who can solve problems and deliver results. She is the founding editor of iSixSigma Magazine where she oversaw growth of paid subscriptions at Fortune 500 organizations to 18,500, and currently oversees the editorial direction of all iSixSigma publications.

Ducceschi is a certified Black Belt from GE Capital.

Katie BarryKatie Barry, Editor
Katie Barry is editor of iSixSigma. Barry began her tenure with the iSixSigma family as editor of Real Innovation and The TRIZ Journal. Previously, Barry held editorial positions at Fenwick Publishing Group Inc. and AMN Healthcare Inc. She also worked at the Children’s Defense Fund and served in the correspondence office of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton at the White House.

Barry is Yellow Belt trained.

Editorial Advisory Board

iSixSigma publishes content that educates, informs, and inspires individuals to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations.

We accomplish this with the assistance of trusted leaders within the industry: our Editorial Advisory Board.

The iSixSigma Editorial Advisory Board is comprised of distinguished leaders from business, the process improvement industry, and academia.

The board consists of Lean and Six Sigma practitioners who are strong proponents of structured improvement methodologies, representing different areas of expertise, industries and nationalities. (Message Katie Barry to submit your interest in joining the Editorial Advisory Board.)

As thought leaders, Board Members:

  • Suggest publication topics
  • Serve as peer reviewers who offer feedback on content submissions
  • Share insights as authors

Current members of the Editorial Advisory Board are:

  • Ruben Coronado, Guilford Performance Textiles
  • Gary Cox, Canada Post
  • Holly Duckworth, Kaiser Aluminum
  • John Ettles, Virgin Media
  • Bob Hildebrand, Xerox Corp.
  • Thomas Kling, The Dow Chemical Co.
  • Pradeep Mahalik, Suzlon Wind Energy
  • Antonio Pedini, Chrysler Group LLC
  • Mike Potosky, Motorola Inc.
  • William Rushing, McKesson Corp.
  • Peter Sherman, Emory University and Cbeyond Communications
  • J.D. Sicilia, U.S. Dept. of Defense
  • Karen Welch, Abbott Medical Optics



  • May: In two weeks between leaving Citigroup and returning back to GE, Michael Cyger works non-stop to launch iSixSigma as a portal to openly publish content and allow business professionals to share and learn from each other. He worked every evening after his day job and one full day a weekend adding resources and programming the website to better serve the Lean Six Sigma community.


  • May: With the community growing rapidly, Michael Cyger took a leap of faith by quitting the security of his job at GE to devote himself to the fledgling enterprise, just months before the birth of his first child.


  • February: iSixSigma enters into a partnership with GE Healthcare to launch iSixSigma Healthcare, serving the needs of medical and healthcare professionals.
  • March: iSixSigma enters into a partnership with Six Sigma Advantage to launch iSixSigma Software/IT, serving the needs of information technology and software development professionals.
  • July: iSixSigma launches the iSixSigma Job Shop to connect employers and job seekers with Lean Six Sigma opportunities.


  • February: iSixSigma enters into a partnership with George Group and DeLeeuw Associates to launch iSixSigma Financial Services, serving the needs of the financial services industry.
  • May: iSixSigma enters into a partnership with Valeocon Management Consulting to launch iSixSigma Europe, serving the needs of European professionals in their implementation of Lean Six Sigma.
  • August: iSixSigma Job Shop launches full-service recruiting.


  • January: iSixSigma launches iSixSigma Magazine, the premier print magazine dedicated to Lean Six Sigma professionals. iSixSigma Magazine had secured 1,000 paid subscriptions before going to press in December, 2004.
  • September: iSixSigma launches a research division and acquires, which becomes the foundation of the iSixSigma Blogosphere.


  • March: iSixSigma Magazine redesigns and relaunches website.
  • March: iSixSigma Magazine offers digital edition, serving corporations with entire-company access via IP address and single sign-on.


  • July: iSixSigma launches the iSixSigma Marketplace to fulfill the need for practitioner templates, training materials and productivity tools.


  • February:, along with parent company CTQ Media, are sold to Ideal Media LLC, a division of London-based Schofield Media Group.
  • May: iSixSigma Live!, the in-person conference and event division of iSixSigma, is launched and hosts first social networking event in Seattle, Washington. More than 130 Lean Six Sigma and continuous improvement professionals showed up to network and socialize.
  • October: iSixSigma Live! produces the first U.S. Department of Defense CPI/Performance Symposium for 300+ invitation-only delegates, a number that would grow to 700+ in subsequent years.



  • Feb: iSixSigma Job Shop, Marketplace, Magazine and Live! websites are completely redesigned, including information architecture, site design, and a suite of highly customized content management tools.
  • July: The parent company of iSixSigma loses funding as a result of the struggling American economy and the business shuts down. The website would “go dark” a month later after vendors go unpaid.
  • November: iSixSigma founder, Michael Cyger, bids and wins auction to purchase distressed assets, intellectual property and content of iSixSigma, promising rebirth of


  • January: iSixSigma relaunches (version 4) with a new look at feel, improved social media functionality, the addition of video content and a re-commitment to creating the strongest and largest community of Lean Six Sigma professionals in the world.


  • November: iSixSigma launches (version 5) with a fully responsive website that combines iSixSigma, iSixSigma Jobs and the iSixSigma Store (rebranded from the iSixSigma Marketplace) into a single website (previously it was three separate websites) — as we prepare for our 20th year of operation in 2019.

What Does the “i” in iSixSigma Stand For?

Many have asked about the “i” in “iSixSigma.” The answer is multi-faceted:

  1. The “i” is to answer the question, “Do you use Six Sigma?” You could answer, “Yes, I Six Sigma.”
  2. It stands for Internet, the original publishing medium of iSixSigma.
  3. It represents the information about Lean Six Sigma that can be found on iSixSigma.