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No other organization has published as much content on Lean Six Sigma to more people than iSixSigma. No one. Our staff is experienced in the Lean, Six Sigma and OpEx methodologies. We understand the needs of corporations and organizations around the world. We understand your needs as a practitioner.

Here is how iSixSigma Live! events are different:

The Best Content from Real Practitioners

Live General SessionAnyone can call Six Sigma practitioners and ask them to speak. Anyone can look for big names – in terms of companies and individuals. But only real Six Sigma practitioners can tell who’s talking about breakthrough results and how they achieved them. Only real practitioners know the tough questions to ask them to see if they can "walk the walk," not just "talk the talk." We believe we’re those type of people. We find the best content. We find the best people to talk about that content. Attendees of our conferences get a phenomenal experience and a ton of learnings.

No Sales Pitches – Every Presentation Is Reviewed

While context of a presenter and their company is important, we know that you’re not paying to attend a conference to spend half of a presentation learning about the presenter’s company. And we know it’s important for you to get to the details as soon as possible. That’s why we review every presentation before the day of the event. We are content experts, so if we can make helpful suggestions or help guide a presentation to make it more useful, then we feel it’s our responsibility. Why don’t other conference companies do that? See the bullet above.

Adult Learning Objectives

Just like you, our team has been trained a great deal. We know what useful learning is, and what wasteful learning is. That’s why we focus on adult learning objectives to help guide our program development. We always focus on including challenging content that involves life experiences, and ensuring presentations are goal-oriented, relevancy-oriented, are practical and respectful to our audience’s time.

Multiple Perspectives

There are many ways to deploy Lean and Six Sigma. There are many organizational cultures and structures. Deploying Six Sigma is not an exact science – it must be customized to every situation. That’s why many of our panels feature multiple speakers, so that attendees get a variety of opinions. It’s also why we offer extensive Q&A and discussion periods as part of most sessions, so that the audience can help drive forward exploration of particular views.

Flawless Execution

Networking Picture

iSixSigma doesn’t just invite speakers to a panel and leave to chance what happens next. Each session is carefully prepped by a master of ceremonies or conference director. Each emcee introduces speakers, moderates questions and answers, links together themes, contrasts presentations and ensures each session’s timeline is being met. The result: presentations, panels and sessions that deliver on the promises in our agenda and that delight our attendees.

A Great Time

We work hard, and we like to play just as hard. You can rest assured that every iSixSigma Live! event has its fair share of socializing, networking and having a great time.


Sponsorship of an iSixSigma Live! event presents an unparalleled opportunity to mix and mingle with the top buyers in the marketplace.

Attendees at iSixSigma Live! represent the fresh audience you want to reach – and they are looking for the breakthrough results message you are delivering. They arrive hungry for knowledge and leave full of new ideas to improve day-to-day operations.

We believe sponsors and partners have valuable information for our attendees. As such, we build specific, featured sessions into our programs to educate attendees.

Sponsorships can be exclusive, such as through an iSixSigma Live! Social & Networking Party, or shared, such as through an iSixSigma Live! Summit & Awards. The value of what is delivered to sponsors is unmatched in the marketplace, as is the content and environment that iSixSigma develops and creates.

Please contact us to discuss working with us.

Testimonials for iSixSigma Live! Events

Attendees are talking:

“I was looking for movers and shakers in the Six Sigma community – iSixSigma provided the place, and the FUN just started from there.”

“The event was well organized and it provided exactly what was advertised. I’ll definitely be attending future iSixSigma events.

“I’m excited about iSixSigma finally entering the event space and bringing with it their passion for breakthrough results that will surely create a breakthrough environment for attendees.”

“Everyone attending was focused on operational excellence and showed up with a great attitude. The environment iSixSigma created was phenomenal.”

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