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Summit & Awards

iSixSigma Live Summit & AwardsThe world’s most knowledgeable Lean, Six Sigma and Operational Excellence editorial staff has taken its two decades of insights from the Internet and printed page to LIVE conferences and events!

Go beyond the printed word and meet the experts you read – and read about – in person.

The iSixSigma Live! Summit & Awards is the premier event for Lean Six Sigma Practitioners around the world. Developed by experienced Six Sigma professionals, this event highlights companies and individuals who truly understand how to successfully implement business process improvement methodologies.

This is the one in-person event you should plan to be a part of each year, and here’s why:

  • The iSixSigma staff lives and breathes Six Sigma. From Yellow Belt to Master Black Belt, every team member is trained in Six Sigma. That experience will generate a conference unlike any other – one that is organized and produced by Six Sigma professionals.
  • The content will be undeniably good. Everything will be vetted by iSixSigma’s editorial team. No presentations will be given without review and approval by iSixSigma – ensuring adult learning objectives are addressed and that delegates walk away with strategies, tactics and tips to take back with them to their companies.
  • Members of our editorial team are using their connections and cashing in favors: Speakers will be the best in the world, the learning environments will be varied and exciting, networking will be optimized, and sponsor interactions – through learning events – will be the focus of the four-day event.
  • Our awards will go beyond the typical “best in class.” Finalists will have an opportunity to showcase their projects and gain recognition for their significant efforts leading in shareholder return, employee value and environmental stewardship.
  • Finally, this will be a Lean Six Sigma event put on by Lean Six Sigma professionals for Lean Six Sigma professionals. With more than 100 years of cumulative experience in corporate America, our team understands the real issues faced by business professionals. We know that firefighting and bureaucracy stymie your efforts to compete, to innovate, to grow and to retain employees – to be the best. We will help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

No one appreciates a hundred sponsors crammed in an exhibit hall, with attendees elbow to elbow collecting business cards, CDs, key chains and other trinkets as they try to sort out dozens of sales pitches. We will save both sponsors and attendees from such a fate. A limited number of sponsorships are sold on a first-come, first-reserved basis.

Learn more about About iSixSigma Live! Awards.

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Social and Networking Parties

Why iSixSigma Live! Social & Networking Parties? Let’s face it: we don’t have enough time to decompress from our busy corporate lives. When we do, iSixSigma Live! Social and Networking Partieswe should be able to network with friends and colleagues in an environment that encourages networking and allows us to stay in touch. And iSixSigma will clean up the party mess.

Our parties are unique. There will be no speakers during the event (besides us welcoming guests). Our Social & Networking Parties always have libations, food and music to encourage people to relax. And we’ll always provide a facilitated networking activity to ensure every attendee meets at least 10 new people at the event. Black Belts will love to be able to “network up” and deployment leaders will be able to attend a social event with their teams without having to be “on” all night because they organized the event.

Case Study: Our first iSixSigma Live! Social & Networking Party took place in Seattle, Washington, on May 1, 2008. With only 30 days of promotion, we registered more than 135 business leaders and Six Sigma practitioners who paid to attend the social. The results? 100 percent of attendees said they will attend a future iSixSigma Live! Social & Networking Party. On average, every person met 19 other people at this event. People showed up early and stayed late. Everyone had a great time.

The benefits of sponsoring iSixSigma Live! Social & Networking Party are numerous:

“As a sponsor at the recent iSixSigma Live! Social & Networking Party in Seattle, we were very pleased with the level of attention provided by the iSixSigma Live! team. Every effort was made to ensure that all of our needs and requests were met prior to and during the event, and to make certain that introductions to attendees of high interest were managed in both a personal and professional manner. The event staff was very successful in attracting SixSigma practitioners and business leaders from high profile companies and organizations from the local area and beyond, resulting in new engagement opportunities that would have been extremely difficult to develop without this event. All in all, this was a great event and the iSixSigma Live! team are to be congratulated on their efforts. We look forward to future events with them!” -Ron Weiss, Instantis

  • iSixSigma Live!Associate with the most trusted and well-known brand within the Six Sigma marketplace: iSixSigma.
  • Be an integral part of a multi-faceted marketing campaign that includes your logo prominently displayed on signage, ad materials and collateral.
  • Maximize visibility of your key leadership before, during and after the event.
  • Be placed in front of a key audience, with our intent to create activities that allow attendees to get to know your team on a personal basis.
  • Develop personal relationships, generate hot leads and build your pipeline within a specific geographic area and within vertical markets including high tech, healthcare, biotech, etc.
  • Develop key contacts for the local market you desire.

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iSixSigma Live! Demand Generating Webinars are built around research conducted by the iSixSigma editorial team and featured in iSixSigma.

We carefully craft a Webinar either using a “product placement” model, or we integrate our research with your industry expertise to create an unbeatable online learning and lead generating event. Then we promote the heck out of it: online to more than 600,000 monthly readers, in emails to tens of thousands, via our network of direct contacts, in our print magazine to more than 14,000 paid subscribers — you get the picture.

iSixSigma organizes the editorial, secures hundreds of registrations, hosts the event, creates and hosts a video web page of the event, shares the video with the sponsor for use on their website, and continues to promote the archived webinar indefinitely. The registrants are shared with the sponsor. In addition, pre- and post-event surveys are distributed asking registrants if they would like to learn more from the sponsor.

Case Study: Spotfire, a division of TIBCO, wanted to reach iSixSigma’s audience and promote their business analytics software. We jointly selected iSixSigma’s annual salary survey data and crafted a unique “product placement” Webinar where the entire event focused on showing the ease of Spotfire’s advanced analytical product capabilities. The result: With only three weeks promotion, iSixSigma secured over 1,000 registrations, Spotfire received their highest-ever single day product trial download and Spotfire was ecstatic about gaining high value, qualified leads in exactly the area they wanted.

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