New Year, New Site

Welcome to Version 4.0!

I am excited to announce the launch of, Version 4.0, after purchasing back iSixSigma on November 7th.

In this short video, I describe some of the new features and exciting updates we’ve made to this version of iSixSigma.

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  1. bbme

    Great video, and it’s great to have you back, Mike.

  2. Heather Redinius-Tollefson

    The new site looks awesome! Great job and congrats!

  3. inquire

    I was under the impression that video would be showing some examples.
    But all that was on the video was a marketing pitch.
    Such disappointment.

  4. Rod Morgan

    Hi Mike, Since we met back in January, 2001… the IQPC Annual Six Sigma Conference in Miami, e-Zsigma has had the pleasure of accompanying you on the Six Sigma “voyage”. iSixSigma has always been a great, trusted resource and witnessing the launch of version 4.0 marks another milestone. Risking sounding “old”, but here’s to another 10 years – may they be as interesting as the last 10. Best regards, Rod.

  5. Krish Sundararajan

    The new site looks great and the video is nicely done to sum up the features . Wishing many success for the this new Avatar ….!

  6. Aravind

    Very nice work.Thanks for helping six sigma communities.

  7. Shari Cashman


    The website looks fabulous!! Congrats and Happy New Year!

  8. Pilla Leitner, Ph.D.

    I am thrilled to see you back at the reins, Michael! The new site looks great to me.

  9. Carolyn Petro

    Glad isixsigma and you are back!

  10. Carlos Krahembuhl

    Congratulations! Great job. The new site is awesome.

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