Visteon, steeped in Lean Manufacturing since 1996, began integrating Six Sigma with Leanin2000.Today Visteon continues to leverage the combined strength of the two methodologies.Although the 2003 and 2004 annual reports fail to mention Six Sigma or Lean there is ample evidence thatthe two methodologies are part of the way they do business.

Lou Whitlock, the manufacturing director for the powertrain product lineat Visteon,spoke last year at the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ (SME) 2004 Manufacturing Technology Summit in Detroit.

“As a manufacturing director, it’s my responsibility to employ established manufacturing strategies with Six Sigma and lean manufacturing practices,” said Whitlock. “The most important ingredient, however, is engaging the minds of employees to become the very best at what they do so we provide customers with the products and quality they expect.”

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IQPC’s 5th Annual European Six Sigma Summit, Dave Pickman, Six Sigma Leader at Visteongave a presentation titled”Developing an integrated Continuous Improvement (CI) approach using Lean and Six-Sigma to reduce total cost of manufacture”, Apr 2004

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