Ever wonder which Naysayers hold the distinction of being on the Six Sigma Most Wanted list? With so many types of naysayers to pick from, it’s tough competition. But after two years and 44 Nayisms, your time of wondering is coming to an end because the “Top 5 Countdown” is about to begin.

This week, landing the number 5 spot on the Six Sigma Most Wanted list of naysayers is “The Discreditor.”

Mode of Operation: Looks for opportunities to discredit Six Sigma. Touts examples of Six Sigma companies that may not have increased their profit in the past year (like Six Sigma is the only “x” variable in this equation). Highlights the few projects that may have floundered versus the hundreds of success stories.

Probability of existing without being detected: LOW – This naysayer is vocal when given the opportunity and is easily spotted.

Probability of having daily occurring nayisms: LOW – Must wait for something negative to happen in order to stir up chatter. Most likely spends time during the work day combing through Dilbert cartoons looking for the next opportunity.

Probability that their nayisms will have negative long-term ramifications: MEDIUM – Most people will eventually realize that this naysayer does not have a strong basis for his/her nayisms. But if left unchallenged, the continuous jabberwocky can perpetuate long lasting negativity throughout the organization.

Overall Threat Level: LOW (ranked using Gianna’s proprietary naysayer scale)

Actions to Deal with Naysayer #5: Here’s what I say . . . Don’t let this naysayer’s gibberish go unchecked. Get the facts and inform this naysayer and the people around him/her of the real deal. Over time, the data and the results will speak for themselves.

Tune in next week to find out who holds the #4 spot on the Six Sigma Most Wanted List! Anybody care to take a guess?

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