Not one of my usual insightful articles on the world of Six Sigma today (!) more of a request for your assitance, guidance and input.

I’ve recently taken the job of restructuring the electronic folder structure for our rapidly exanding team and ensuring it is tidy, functional and usable by everyone.

As with all projects and project managers we create many documents which go through countless revisions and are subject to many last minute changes. This in turn creates version control and folders with 12 versions of the same document some with wholesale change some with a spelling correction. I believe this to be absolutely required for us to ensure we are doing our jobs properly but it does create a space issue on shared drives when a lot of people are saving mutiple versions of large documents.

So, what is the best practice for managing all these old version of Solutions Reports, Charters & Quick Win Implementation Plans? Once the project is finished and signed off can we delete them or is that an audit/compliance/regualtory risk? We could burn them all to CD but that just creates a different type of storage and location problem.

How is it worked where you are? I’m interested in implementing best practice and I know you know it. Drop me a line and let me know and I’ll publish an ’industry wide’ best practice here once it’s all done.

Thanks for your help


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