Being in the business of customer satisfaction keeps us focused on making sure that our customers get the best value and service possible. When a customer tells us we did a great job, it is the ultimate measure of success. Try changing hats for a minute and think about how you rate as a customer?

Living in an age where we are frequently provided excellent products and services, we sometimes forget the time and effort required to make it so. Last week, for some unforgiving reason, I found myself in an incredibly long line for window service at a fast food chain. To my delight, the line moved very quickly. As I drove up to the food pick-up window, I glanced into the area where the service team was running in circles – looking a bit frazzled as they jumped to fill the next order. When they handed me my food I said, “Your service was really great today. Thanks (smile).” There was about a 2 second pause as the three folks at the window gave me a blank look and then they all three broke out in the biggest smiles I had seen all day. As I drove off I realized that as a customer, I should be just as quick to give praise as I sometimes am to complain about things that aren’t quite right. I vowed to become a better customer.

So next time the drive-through line moves fast, the sales clerk does all the right things or the department next door meets your tight deadline, let them know how much you appreciate their good work. You might find that it feels just as good to give a compliment as is does to get one. 🙂

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