Thousands of people per year use the “Make a Suggestion” box found on every page. We love it because it provides a tremendous amount of new ideas for us to think about, prioritize and develop. Keep them coming.

Every once in a while we’ll receive a suggestion like, “There seem to be a large number of posts coming from people in XYZ geographic region. Why don’t you give them their own discussion forum?”

Rest assured that we track the discussion forum closely and have a policy to dedicate new discussion forums to topics as interest indicates. There are a few factors that come into play when we are reviewing an area for potential launch of a new forum: 1) there is enough interest (determined from posts and from server activity files from that region, 2) there are enough experts on the application of Six Sigma from that geographic region, and 3) we can tie content (new articles) to that discussion to help spawn creative thought and innovative application to that area.

Please continue to make suggestions to us. We do appreciate them. But I will also ask that if newbie questions continue to arise from a certain geographic location, that we all be inclusive and help to educate rather than disregard due to poor English communication skills. You never know the friendships you’ll build by lending a helping hand every once in a while. A good deed never goes unnoticed.

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