Each week the iSixSigma Blogosphere newsletter will feature a blog entry from a guest blog. I read several different business related blogs each day and I amconstantly searching for new ones. I have been visitingDecker Marketing for over a year now and always enjoyreading whatSam Decker has to say. He is insightful, understands businesses from start-ups to corporate, andeven writes about Six Sigma from time to time. In fact, afterreading his blog last yearI wasinspiredstart bloggingon my own.

His nuggets of business wisdom are most presently displayed in his latest post, 3 Principles of Tributary Leadership, where he draws out the parallels between nature, man, and business. Not surprisingly, each of his Leadership Parallels has a Six Sigma parallel as well.

“TRIBUTARY PRINCIPLE: There is a solid foundation from which the depth, breadth and strength of the branches are determined.

LEADERSHIP PARALLEL: Culture is driven from the top. The stronger the winning culture, the bigger, larger, wider, and more prevalent the branches of growth.”

SIX SIGMA PARALLEL:As with culture, a successful Six Sigma initiative is driven from the top. The strength of the Six Sigma branches is determined by the foundation of leadership commitment.

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