Lincoln Electric, a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of welding equipment, improves operational efficiency through Six Sigma AND fosters innovation at the same time. Looks like we’ve got some benchmarking to do.

“In the last three years, Chairman, President and CEO John M. Stropki has led his team through eight acquisitions and joint ventures while also training hundreds of employees around the world in Six Sigma.”

“The company would focus its efforts on recruiting top talent, increasing customer service, improving operational efficiency, expanding globally and fostering innovation from 2005 through 2007.”

This cover story article in SmartBusiness does not get into the specifics about Six Sigma, but it does get specific about strategy and execution. Here is a company that uses Six Sigma as a means to reach short term strategic goals. The focus is not Six Sigma for Six Sigma’s sake, but Six Sigma for strategic sake.

Joining forces, SmartBusiness, October 2008

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