Lucky Kat Television, in association with Dr. Mikel J. Harry, is launching a Six Sigma for kids program. The online TV network has partnered with several education and entertainment companies to build a fun online learning network for kids.

Part of the fun will be teaching kids about Six Sigma through Harry’s Six Sigma for Kids program set to debut soon. Read Dr. Harry’s letter announcing the progress and watch Lucky Kat’s interview with Dr. Harry on Lucky Kat TV. In Dr. Harry’s own words:

“We will learn how to dream the big dream. Think about that big dream. Plan how to realize that big dream, and do the actions that are necessary to bring it into reality.”

This is exciting stuff if I do say so myself. Teaching our children to think analytically at early ages will make high school, college and managing their careers so much easier. I’ve signed my kids up to learn Six Sigma from the Lucky Kat. Check out the classroom at the Katville Academy! (Must register and sign in to explore the island and learn.)

Lucky Kat Six Sigma for Kids

“Child Education and Entertainment Meet Lucky Kat”, Businesswire Press release, March 27, 2008

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