As part of becoming an MBB I need to really understand statistics. I spend a lot of my own time studying and use Minitab to support this. But I was surprised to find there was no Minitab User Group where I could meet like-minded people to share my experiences and accelerate my learning.

So I thought, why not start one? But of course it can only work if there is an equal level of demand from other practitioners. To test this I thought I would introduce the idea here. If you are interested in becoming a founding member of an independent and not-for-profit Minitab User Group then please read on.

The Minitab User Group will be for people who use Minitab as part of Six Sigma or for statistics in general. It will exist to expand the knowledge of the people involved. This can be from informal web site discussions, through sharing and using on-line resources, to attending user group workshops & training events.

As a user group member you will be able to interface with like-minded specialists working in different areas and organisations. To support the widest range of members, subjects will be geared around the Minitab product. For example, the section on Statistical Process Controls will include tutorials, workbooks & projects, articles & links and industry specific content.

Although independent, the user group will actively work with Minitab for the benefit of our members. A close working relationship provides a chance to offer direct feedback on products and services plus a chance for Minitab to update and assist our members. Minitab fully endorses this intuitive.

The intention is the user group will be funded principally by member’s subscriptions, plus possible donations from others. This means activities will be geared to the amount of money available. It is noted that those setting up the organisation will not receive any remuneration except for out-of-pocket costs, like postage and phone calls.

Does this interest you? Would you like to get involved in setting-up the Minitab User Group and defining its direction? Please make contact by e-mail, [email protected] to get involved.

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