Minitab Webinar
Top Eight Reasons Why Six Sigma Projects Fail
April 23, 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. Eastern


Next week Minitab is going to present a free Webinar naming the top eight reasons why Six Sigma projects fail. This is sure to be great information for all Six Sigma practitioners.But why stop at eight? I’m sure we can collectively come up with a nine and ten…I’ll give it a go:

Top ten reasons why Six Sigma projects fail:

Number 10: Black Belts spend all their time reading the Cox-Box cartoon on the iSixSigma Blogosphere.

Number 9: Black Belts get discouraged after they get blasted by Stan on the iSixSigma Discussion Forum.

Please, please, add your own project failure top tens to the list. Maybe Letterman will pick it up…

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