Last week we talked about how Six Sigma can help organizations accomplish “What’s Needed.” Without this element, nothing else really matters because being “On Time” with the wrong thing won’t “wow” anyone.

This week we are exploring the significance of being “On Time.” Whether it is the delivery of a product or service or keeping inventory at the right level, “On Time” is a critical element of W.O.W.

Six Sigma can help deliver “On Time” in two basic ways. First, by applying the methodology and tools to understand and analyze the process, non-value steps, bottlenecks and rework can be identified and eliminated (or at least minimized). This will result in a reduced cycle time to deliver. But that’s not enough to “wow” the customer if it cannot be done consistently. Once an expectation for delivery of a product or service has been set, it must be consistently met or else you might find yourself with the fastest delivery to no-one. So how can Six Sigma help? Use the methodology and tools to analyze and reduce the variation in cycle time so that now you can consistently deliver “On Time.” Master the combination of both of these elements and you’ve earned your company part 2 of a ticket to walk on the W.O.W side.

Join me again next week as we continue our walk “With Value.”

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