The best way to create customer W.O.W. is to consistently provide customers with What’s Needed – On Time – With Value. In a perfect world it is always W.O.W. time. But in the real world sometimes things go wrong. The clothes don’t fit, the food is cold, the hostess is rude, the cable goes out, the list goes on. What next?

Customer concerns and/or complaints are not a basic ingredient for W.O.W. but in themselves create an opportunity to turn OW into WOW. All it takes is RAPID response. RAPID response considers two elements in fixing a customer’s concern – the operational action and the emotional factor. Maintaining a positive interaction while fixing a problem or concern can sometimes turn a customer OW to WOW. But you need both parts – fixing the problem but snubbing the emotional side can leave your customer feeling bruised. Being empathetic and caring but not getting the problem fixed doesn’t hit the mark either. It is the right combination of what you do and how you do it that will establish your service level one notch above the rest.

So next time your customer experiences an OW moment, put RAPID response to work and see if you can turn OW to WOW.

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