This week Sam Decker gives a beginners course on Six Sigma and marketing over at his blog Decker Marketing. I’ve been reading Sam Decker for about a year and a half now. He never fails to share the insights he’s learned from his work experiences from start-ups to managing Dell’s eBusiness. As for marketing blogs, his is top-notch. If you are in marketing, you’ve got no excuse for not reading his blog.

His latest post Marketing Bullseye 2: Think Six Sigma is part of a serieswhere he gives tips for marketers to get the most out of their efforts. In “Think Six Sigma,” he explains the concept of Six Sigma and its valuein marketing:

“I think 80% of Six Sigma/BPI value in marketing is simply understanding the measures of your marketing process and executing continuous improvement projects on processes that effect these measures.”

He calls out two concepts that changed his way of thinking. The DMAIC methodology and the Y=f(x) formula. He goes on to carefully explain how Six Sigma can be applied to marketing and gives four steps, followed by a simple example. Read Marketing Bullseye 2: Think Six Sigma and make a difference in your marketing efforts today.

(Sam has written a few earlier posts about Six Sigma and marketing as well.Read Six Sigma Marketing…Made Simple and 7 Tips for “Getting” Six Sigma Marketing.)

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