As another year comes to a close, reflecting on what was accomplished in 2007 is a typical year-end activity. After a quick review, a few smiles and a big sigh about things left undone, it’s time to start on your 2008 list.

While you are putting together your ‘list’ of things to do for 2008, somewhere between finishing your FMEA and solving world hunger, remember to include some things that will help you grow as a Six Sigma professional. For example, learn a new tool, expand your coaching skills, embark on a DFSS journey or strengthen your change management skills. Personal development, while initially focused on improving your individual skills, will eventually be reflected in your customer’s satisfaction rating or your company’s bottom line.

As Six Sigma professionals, it is up to each of us to constantly improve our skills so that we can continue to find new and innovative ways for Six Sigma to bring value to our business.

For me, honing my skills and constantly learning new things is important because being able to make a difference is not just part of my job, it’s personal.

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