Six Sigma: A Global Affair – Exclusive iSixSigma Magazine Research

Six Sigma is being practiced all across the globe. With more than 190 countries in the world and even more cultures, the likelihood that deployments would enjoy a local flavor is high. This study looks at aspects of a deployment from a geographical perspective. While there are some differences among regions and from country to country, there are actually many similarities in Six Sigma deployments – from the language in which the methodology is taught to the most common rewards for a job well done. This research is included in the September/October issue of iSixSigma Magazine.

1,092 Number of total survey respondents
41 Percent of respondents whose company’s Six Sigma deployment is in one country
22 Percent of respondents whose company’s Six Sigma deployment spans more than 15 countries
83 Percent of respondents (excluding those in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom) who received Six Sigma instruction in English
2.7 Average number of projects that respondents said Black Belts are able to complete in one year
6.7 Average number of months that respondents reported it takes to complete a Black Belt project

Critical findings of this exclusive benchmarking research include:

FINDING 1: Companies with a larger global presence are more likely to have Six Sigma deployed in all locations. English is the predominant language of Six Sigma.

FINDING 2: Challenges encountered during DMAIC phases differ region to region.

FINDING 3: Black Belts worldwide complete an average of 2.7 projects per year.

FINDING 4: Nearly half the deployments worldwide are top-down driven.

FINDING 5: Predominantly, Six Sigma project success is rewarded with team recognition over individual recognition and public over private recognition.

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