It does not matter how small the business, Six Sigma can help improve any process. Even a niche bed and breakfast business can profit from Six Sigma principles. Case in point:

Al O’Donnell, who runs a Six Sigma program for Southern Clay Products in Gonzales, Texas, USA, wrote us this note.

“My wife owns the Boothe House Bed and Breakfast in Gonzales. Like every bed and breakfast, we have our specialties. At the Boothe House it is food. We make sure we continually explore the delighters for our guests. This has proved valuable in referrals. One of the first delighters my wife offered was a sweet snack in the evening. This is something most bed and breakfasts do not do without a charge. We are careful to pick snacks that will please most of the people and, of course, gathering that data over time. The interesting thing about delighters is that they are delighters on the initial visits, but for repeat customers the delighters quickly become one ’dimensional needs’ and in some cases become ’must be needs.’ We continue to try to create delighters. They truly improve our bottom line.”

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