Last year for the holidays I wrote about Amazon and their Six Sigma efforts. This year let me introduceyou to a much smaller store, yet still striving for Six Sigma.

The Christmas Decorations & Gifts Store endeavorsto spread Christmas cheer and customer delight to their patrons by practicing Six Sigma. From their website:

“We are dedicated to making this Christmas web site your favorite sight for all your seasonal needs. We hope that our web site will make your Christmas activities more enjoyable and meaningful. Christmas Decorations and Gifts Store has spent endless hours to make this web sight easy to use and browse through. We strive to exceed six sigma philosophies in our warehousing and shipping processes.

“When ordering Christmas decorations a missed quantity or missed delivery date is almost as bad as not receiving the order at all. The correct Christmas items must be delivered on time to the proper customer address. Any mistake is almost unforgivable. Realizing that this is the case Christmas Decorations & Gifts Store is utilizing some of the practices and techniques of World Class companies. Among these is the application of the philosophy of six sigma.

With six sigma the objective is to understand our processes so well that the chances of a defect (a six sigma mistake) are less than 3.4 per million. We feel that customers are the only people who can determine if a mistake has been made. Our customer delight is our life blood.”

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