Xerox is working with the Houston Public Library to improve services with Lean Six Sigma. As part of the Xerox Global Services consulting offering, they have deployed a team of Lean Six Sigma experts to search through library operations and find areas for improvement.

“Lean Six Sigma is typically used by large enterprises to eliminate waste, reduce redundancies and ensure quality,” said Craig Haskins, vice president, Public Sector, Xerox Global Services. “But we’re applying the same guiding principles to help public institutions, like Houston Public Library, expand operations, improve processes and increase both employee and patron satisfaction.”

More and more of the Fortune 500 companies that have internalized Six Sigma have also taken it to the next level. GE pioneered customer targeted Six Sigma efforts with “at the customer, for the customer”where helping their customers improve processes is equally as important as improving their own. 3M, Xerox, DuPont and others have all realized that they are in a position to teach their customers the same principles that they learned years ago, and by doing so, their customers appreciate them even more — which ultimately translates into growth for both parties.

This generation of Six Sigma consulting, the corporate giantsteaching their customers,can be a very effective way for smaller companies to embrace the methodology. How else would a small public organization be able to tap in to the skill set of a team of Lean Six Sigma consultants? That kind of knowledge just can’t be gleanedoff the shelves of your public library.

Xerox Services Help Houston Library Solve Staffing Issues

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