As a tribute to St. Patrick’s Day here are a few examples of green Six Sigma projects. Now, I’m not talking about projects that have saved a lot of “green” but projects that are good for the environment.

Dominion: Water Conservation

“Dominion is also using the Six Sigma process to address water use reduction projects such as the reduction of city water use, the reduction of water used in Dominion plant systems, and the reduction of river water used in the clarified water system at Dominion facilities. With the Six Sigma process, Dominion has produced significant results:

“Dominion has reduced city water consumption at various facilities by approximately 115 million gallons per year by tightening seals, valving out redundant equipment, installing flow meters and current detectors.”

W. R. Grace: Plant Uses Six Sigma Methodology and Traditional Heat Balance Analysis to Identify Energy Conservation Opportunities at Curtis Bay Works (PDF)

“The assessment was based on Six Sigma methodology combined with traditional heat balance analysis to identify, quantify, and rank potential energy conservation projects. The assessment team initially identified 23 projects, some competing for the same energy source or application. Using a process map and cause-and-effect matrix, followed by a traditional cost-benefit analysis, and finally by a detailed engineering analysis, the list was reduced to three desirable projects.”

LG Chem: Innovation and Environmental Management System

“Noteworthy cases among the Six Sigma initiatives carried out in 2004 are 10 projects involved with environmental management, including the construction of non-point pollution sources management system, and 6 projects involved with health and safety management, including a program to prevent the development of joint and bone diseases.”

American Standard: Environmental Success Stories

Dow Energy Saving Six Sigma Projects (PDF)

Target Corporation: Six Sigma Increases Recycling Rates (PDF) pg 39

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