Benchmarking results consistently identify examples of Six Sigma success. Even so, getting “naysayers” on board is a continuous challenge. What do you tell them?

Nayism 24: Six Sigma sounds great but we’re swamped with work and I don’t see how we can take on one more thing.

Being too swamped with work is often heard as a reason for not deploying Six Sigma. Actually, it’s one of the best reasons for doing it. How do you make this connection for the naysayer? Here’s what I say . . .

The Six Sigma methodology is designed to help you become a better business. As you apply the methodology and eliminate defects, reduce cycle time, streamline processes and improve customer satisfaction, resources that were previously tied up with rework, errors, delays and complaints can now be directed at reducing your backlog and ultimately toward more profitable activities.

Doing the same things that you’ve always done to fix your problems and deal with workload will ultimately result in the same place you are today – swamped. By providing new methods, tools and skills, Six Sigma can provide you with new solutions and steer you out of the swamp toward clear waters.

So, from this point of view, it’s not that you can’t afford to spend time deploying Six Sigma, you can’t afford not to.

(Thanks Helmut for this nayism!)

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