The TRIZ Journal is now a division of CTQ Media LLC and a channel under Real Innovation (which will launch November 15th). TRIZ – a Russian acronym meaning the theory of inventive problem solving – is, as the full name suggests, a systematic methodology for solving problems that call for creativity and innovation. The methodology was developed in Russia and continues to gain popularity throughout the rest of the world. We strongly feel that TRIZ will grow in reach and power in the coming years as more people learn about its potential. Companies like GE, Samsung, Procter & Gamble, Ford Motor Company, Boeing, Philips Semiconductors and LG Electronics already use TRIZ for innovation.

The TRIZ Journal

The TRIZ Journal has published articles and case studies online for 10 years – an impressive length of time for the Internet’s short history. It’s the number one title on the Internet for TRIZ-related content. Feel free to take a look now, but in early 2007 we will be relaunching the site with a new design.

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