Believe it or not, naysayers all over the world are frantically writing letters to Santa. So what are they asking for? Here’s the top 10 list:

Number 10: Two dozen “Just Say No” buttons.

Number 9: Ten pounds of stinky cheese to go with their ‘whine.’

Number 8: A “Harry Potter” invisibility cloak to help them move about the office undetected.

Number 7: A look-alike inflatable doll to act as their stand-in at Green Belt training.

Number 6: 2007 edition of “Naysayers Guide to the Galaxy” (also known as “The Road to No-where”).

Number 5: An electronic voice changer gadget so that they can claim that it was someone else who actually said the nayism.

Number 4: A universal language translator so that they can learn how to say “I’m too busy” in 87 languages.

Number 3: Eye glasses with pictures of eyeballs pasted in the lens so that it looks like they are paying attention at project report-outs.

Number 2: Pre-recorded voice cards that say “It won’t work” to leave at their desk while they are on vacation to make sure nothing accidentally gets improved while they are gone.

Number 1: A one-year supply of botox treatments to eliminate wrinkles caused by frowning about Six Sigma.

To all my friends at the blogosphere and especially to all the naysayers out there who give me a reason to blog – Happy Holidays!

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