A review of the information covering Lean Six Sigma deployments shows a clear focus on such items as.

  • Roles & responsibilities: – e.g. champion, process owner, MBB, and BB
  • Critical success factors: – e.g. Leadership commitment, alignment to strategy and suitable training/accreditation system
  • Project selection & sponsorship

But what I have been interested in is how to structurally construct the deployment. In this area the materials are lacking. I suspect this is because every business is different and has very different requirements. Coming from a transactional background I describe my experience and provide 4 example deployment structures. I accept there are other potential approaches.

1. The Big Ticket Deployment
Looking for full-size and rapid benefits? Call in the experts. Hire a team of lean six sigma experts so you can hit the ground running. They may be expensive but you get real value and immediate results.

2. The Practise Deployment
Highly motivated and able practitioners combine to deliver Lean Six Sigma across the business. Reporting to their MBB and ultimately the Champion they deliver strategic projects into any target business line.

3. The Embedded Deployment
The BB/GB works directly for the process owner to first baseline and then introduce continuous improvement in core processes. A small central team of MBB’s provide coaching, mentoring and other support services.

4. The One Stop Shop Deployment
The internal business consultancy division offers continuous improvement among its suite of capabilities. Lean Six Sigma people can be deployed among other related change and strategic technologies.

I suspect no one business is a pure play is any deployment structure and is more likely to be a hybrid. It is of course the unique merits of each structures benefits and risks that will drive the decision on which way to go. But its a big decision to make because itcommits your people and cash to a deliveryapproach.

Does your preferred deployment structure match the approach chosen by your business?

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