As my previous blog described, this is the location that I will be posting thoughts, rants and anything else that I have time to post. Everything you read here will be written by me, Michael Cyger, and it reflects my unique perspective of this Six Sigma community that I’ve helped build and foster since 2000.

Who are you?
I’m first and foremost a Six Sigma practitioner. I was at GE as a “regular” employee when Six Sigma was deployed by Jack. Like a Vin Diesel movie, it was fast and furious as Jack saw the tremendous benefits Six Sigma could achieve and he was in a hurry to extract as much waste as possible. I saw colleagues and good friends start their journey as black and master black belts. It was an exciting and frightenting time, all rolled into one. Change is always hard no matter what organization you’re a part of.

Why start
Having left GE to work on a deployment at Citigroup during the Internet boom, I quickly understood how difficult it was to implement Six Sigma outside a company like GE. Without the tools, templates, online wizards, and tens of experienced professionals to draw from, a Six Sigma program can often experience hurdles that were easier to jump at a company like GE. It quickly became my mission to help other companies implement Six Sigma faster, better and cheaper — borrowing from Jack’s catch phrase — than they would otherwise be able to accomplish. Hence, iSixSigma was born .

If you’re completely wrong, how can I let you know?
Excellent question. The beauty about opinions is that everyone has one, or at least it’s my opinion that they should. There’s a comment button associated with each of my posts. Use it. Tell me where I’m on base; tell me where I’m off base. I appreciate a thoughtful and constructive comment or counter-point, and you’re likely to get some good attention in my counter-counter-argument that goes here or in the Magazine .

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