Barq’s isn’t the only thing with bite. At Dominion, it’s Six Sigma that gives data teeth. Director of travel and corporate services, Donna Kelliher, said in a recent Travel Procurement cover story article:

“You can do those quick analyses, but when you put Six Sigma behind it, you’re using statistical tools and people will buy the outcome.I have found it to be very useful in validating, with teeth.”

The article is a mini case study detailing Dominion’s success using Six Sigma to save money in the corporate travel processes.

“Donna Kelliher likes to challenge the status quo, and her intuition, coupled with savvy implementation of Six Sigma analysis, has shaken some of the holiest of sacred cows in business travel. Booking air travel in advance always saves money? Not. Using nonrefundable fares always save money? Nope. These guidelines work for many companies and in many markets, but Kelliher’s research proved they do not always work, shattering the assumption that such general rules are so solid they might as well be mandates.”

Everyone knows that the entire travel service sector could use some process improvement…but what about your own company’s internal travel procedures? Are they based on travel protocol from the 1990s? That’s so last millennium. With the rising cost of travel (fuel, baggage, on-board sodas)looking into how your company spends money getting employees from here to there can only be a good thing. Take some advice from Dominion and give your travel data that Six Sigma bite!

Diagnosis By Six Sigma: Dominion’s Kelliher Treats Travel Mgmt. Ailments With Holistic Remedies, Travel Procurement, September 2008

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