5S in Translation

5S is one of the foundation concepts of lean. The Japanese originals were: Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shetsuke. (Additional S’s such asSafety or Security are sometimes added.) I did a quick survey on-line to see what variations are out there.

  • Sort – Straighten – Scrub – Standardize – Sustain
  • Separate – Sort – Shine – Schedule – Self Discipline
  • Sort Out – Straighten – Spic&Span – Systematize – Sustain
  • Sorting – Simplify – Systematic Cleaning – Standards – Sustaining
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And the non-alliterative translations:

  • Housekeeping – Workplace Organization – Cleanup – Cleanliness – Discipline
  • Organization – Orderliness – Cleanliness – Standardized Cleanup – Discipline
  • Put things in order – Proper arrangement- Clean – Purity – Commitment
  • Tidiness – Orderliness – Cleanliness – Standardization – Discipline
  • Clearing up – Organizing – Cleaning – Standardizing – Self Discipline
  • Disposal – Arrangement – Cleanliness-System Methodology-Disciplined Culture

And the related 5C’s (from Wikipedia):

  • Cleanout & Classify – Configure – Clean & Check – Conformity – Custom and Practice
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And of course, there areAnti-5S acronyms as well:

  • Scrounge, Steal, Stash, Scramble, and Search
  • Stagnate, Scatter, Sandbag, Scapegoat, and Sabotage

We know it really doesn’t matter what phrase we use, as long as we actually follow the 5S principles! Do you use a different translation for 5S? It would be interesting to see other variants!

[Note: The preferred spelling of Shetsuke has an “i” as its third letter, but the editing software substituted @#$% for the first syllable when I spelled it that way!]

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  3. Faiqa

    5s is the very foundation concept. This concept is provide very useful detail.

  4. Sue Kozlowski

    Thanks to all for your comments – translation is a very fascinating process, and it’s probably more important to understand the concept behind each of the S’s than it is to worry about whether you should call the second step straighten – sweep – or simplify.
    –Sue K.

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  6. Yufi Priyo

    Whatever the definition 5s are the foundation of manufacturing activity that is recommended by major companies to deliver world class quality product and high productivity in manufacturing

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