Six Sigma In Small Business

Six Sigma in Small Business - Open CallThis could be you!

Are you a small or medium-sized business that’s seen great results with Six Sigma or process improvement tools? Do you rely on “Six Sigma thinking” to improve the customer experience?

We’re looking for a company that would be an inspiration to other small and medium-sized businesses to feature in an article in iSixSigma Magazine and on the cover. Think you deserve the honor? Are you:

  • a company with less than $100 million in revenue a year?
  • experiencing revenue growth as a result of your approach to quality?
  • prepared to share specific examples of improved processes that have delivered tangible results, whether financial or otherwise?

If so, send an email to the editors of iSixSigma Magazine. Tell us the size of your company, your revenue growth, and an example of a process you have improved.

Comments 3

  1. Aggi

    I’ve got some good stories but your sexist approach discouraged me from sharing them. As a woman, I do not want to appear on the cover in the suit.

  2. Jessica Harper

    Thank you for your comment. I apologize for the inadvertent discouragement. Our intention was to show a sample cover and generate excitement about the possibility of being featured on it. We used a stock photograph chosen for its suitability as a small graphic rather than for subject matter. We certainly did not intend to imply that the subject must be male to be featured. Perhaps the art director (also a woman) and I were not sufficiently sensitive because we are fortunate enough to work in an environment where women and men are valued equally. Yet, our life experiences have taught us that discrimination is real. Thus, you will note the cover photograph has been changed.

    Our objective in this project remains to encourage all small business professionals that meet the requirements to respond to the posting. We’re looking forward to hearing about the great things that small businesses are doing with Six Sigma tools.

    Jessica Harper, Managing Editor
    iSixSigma Magazine

  3. Chris

    Wow that looks like a man and a woman in business Attire to me. Seems as though some people are overly sensitive in this world. Maybe people should be more understand and less judgemental, hey but to each his (or her) own.

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