Current Reality Tree

Definition of Current Reality Tree:

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A CRT starts with the identification of undesirable effects (UDEs) present in our reality. Such UDEs are not only present, they hurt; they take away some, or much, of the joy that we take in our work. They contribute to form the prison created by the way people interact.

These UDEs cover a fairly large span; they originate from different sources and have different weights. If we want to be effective we need to identify the minimum necessary things that need to change. To do this we should identify the few things causing the majority of the current problems. The fewer the elements we find that cause the problems the more powerful and focused our improvement process will be. We call problems undesirable effects to remind us that these are not things that exist in isolation but are the negative effects of some cause. They are symptoms and they result from a cause.

Therefore, to identify the few things that need to be changed we should rely on cause and effect relationships. We use a diagram called a current reality tree to show the relationships and links between the current undesirable effects. The process used to identify how the UDE are linked together results in a current reality tree (CRT).

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