Modular Arrangements of Predetermined Time Standards (MODAPTS)

Definition of Modular Arrangements of Predetermined Time Standards (MODAPTS):

The system was developed by G.C. Heyde as an instrument to improve ergonomics in the workplace. This system is used to analyse the way the work is performed and enables work teams to identify ways to make work easier through improved work and workplace design.

Once a team has been introduced to MODAPTS, a large number of improvement opportunities will be identified.

MODAPTS divides work into two basic elements:

  1. Body part being used – alphabetical. The following basic categories are defined:a) movement: actions of the finger, hand or arm, b) get: actions required to grasp an object, c) put: actions required to place an object, d) body: movements linked to the body (e.g., bend,walk).
  2. Degree of effort involved – numerical (MOD=0.129 seconds)

The team analyses the way work is performed by adding the number of MODS involved.

The team then generates ideas to eliminate or reduce the elements with the highest scoring MODS.

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