To produce labor standards, there are several predetermined motion time systems that can be utilized. These analyze the basic movements of individuals in service of performing manual tasks. One of these systems is known as MODAPTS and it is a simpler system than many of its counterparts.

Overview: What are Modular Arrangements of Predetermined Time Standards (MODAPTS)?

MODAPTS is a more recently designed predetermined motion time system that differs by its focus on the body part that is doing the moving, whereas other systems may concentrate on the distance covered by a body part handling an object. MODAPTS provides a code for any work activities as well as a comfortable time for doing said action. MODAPTS times are calculated as multiples of 0.129 seconds.

4 benefits of MODAPTS

There are several benefits to this system that should be explored:

1. Establishment of the ideal time

Utilization of the modular arrangements of predetermined time standards system can help to set a realistic and repeatable time to finish a job

2. Balance

This system can help find the proper flow of work over a specified time period, such as a typical working day, as one example.

3. Set standards

The MODAPTS system can assist in setting operational standards.

4. Matching jobs to ability

Using the MODAPTS system can help match the right worker to the right job.

Why is the Modular Arrangements of Predetermined Time Standards system important to understand?

The MODAPTS system is important to understand for the following reasons:

It is comparatively simple

Having a firm grasp of MODAPTS gifts you a PMTS whose terms are much easier to remember than comparative systems, yet still provides the same amount of accuracy.

It is faster

The simplicity of MODAPTS contributes to its speed of use, so results come more quickly than with comparative systems.

Improvement opportunities

A significant number of improvement opportunities are likely to be identified once a team is exposed to and versed in MODAPTS.

An industry example of MODAPTS

A machine shop that produces pump parts for irrigation has been having a slow production year along with many work-related injuries. There is a brainstorming session among the team, and it is decided that a MODAPTS specialist should be commissioned to evaluate their processes. The specialist takes the team first and conducts an on-site analysis of the team’s processes, looking for areas of improvement, ergonomically as well as for efficiency. The ways to increase operational productivity, as well as the appropriate movement series in work tasks that will most safely assist in meeting production standards, are taught to the team.

3 best practices when thinking about MODAPTS

There are some practices to keep in mind should you decide to implement MODAPTS in your workplace, so that your team can work at maximum efficiency:

1. Eliminate time waste

For MODAPTS to work at its best, the elimination of duties that are unnecessary and time-intensive should be a requisite.

2. Consolidation

Repetitive tasks should be grouped and ordered in a way that makes the most sense as far as saving time and preserving the safety of your workers.

3. An appropriate work environment

A lot of the progress made with MODAPTS can be undone if the work environment is not set up for maximum efficiency and is not employee-centric.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Modular Arrangements of Predetermined Time Standards

How is MODAPTS time calculated differently than MTM-1?

Unlike MTM, MODAPTS uses a MOD as its standard measurement. Each MOD equals 0.129 seconds and movements are calculated as a multiple of that value. MTM-1 time values are calculated as a thousandth of an hour and each unit is known as one time measurement unit or TMU.

What is the most common way of calculating and presenting MODAPTS?

A common way is through the use of Excel spreadsheets.

What if it is too costly to have a MODAPTS engineer come on-site to evaluate my workforce?

Many MODAPTS engineers rely on video recordings of work processes to make their analysis, assessment, and recommendations for improvements. This is often done off-site and can therefore save money.

MODAPTS in your workplace

Making sure your workers are doing their tasks efficiently and in the most ergonomic way possible increases workplace productivity as well as keeps your staff able to do their tasks for a longer period of time. This can be especially true over the long term. While you may be able to have a worker push to meet a production deadline in the short term, how safe their body movements are can determine if they will be able to work without injury for years to come. MODAPTS provides the ability to see just how the work is being done, how it can be improved, and how it can be done comfortably and reliably.

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