We can add one more U.S. city to the roster of those using Lean Six Sigma to better serve their citizens. Hattiesburg, Mississippi is following the Six Sigma example of Fort Wayne and Erie County.

A couple of projects are already underway…

Hattiesburg city employees Julia Lowe, an Urban Development accountant, and Maj. Billy Lane with the police department were selected to attend Lean Six Sigma training classes.

Lowe’s project addresses simplifying the cost it takes to tear down abandoned buildings. Lane said the intention of his Lean Sigma Six project is to improve the ways animal control provides its services following a series of complaints from citizens.

The city sent Lowe and Lane to Pearl River Community College for the training which was done in partnership with the University of Southern Mississippi. This is a much smaller initiative than Fort Wayne or Erie County, but it’s a start – and sometimes that’s the hardest thing to do.

So the next time someone argues, “Six Sigma doesn’t apply to my industry…yada yada yada,” this may be your reply: “Did you know that there is a dog catcher in Hattiesburg, MS that is using Six Sigma? Tell me again why your business can’t be improved?”

City Adopts Lean Six Sigma, Hattiesburg American

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