Lean Techniques Help Boeing Production Take Flight

In December 2010, the company announced that it would be ramping up production of its popular 777-series wide-body jet from 5 airplanes a month to 7 per month in 2011, and again to an average of 8.3 a month in 2013. Earlier in the year, Boeing also said it would be boosting production of its…

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Day Two, IQPC Summit, Gillian Mann, Air Canada

Gillian Mann, Master Black Belt at Air Canada, gave a very enthusiastic presentation at the IQPC Lean Six Sigma Summit West. Air Canada began their corporate-wide Six Sigma flight in 2002 with GE captains at the helm of their training. Since then they have been very successful internalizing the program and making it their own….

Airline Industry – Six Sigma

The troubled Airline industry is a classic example that solidifies the fact that Six Sigma can do wonderful things for your bottom line… until gas prices rise dramatically or other market variables change and offset the Six Sigma savings.I know of only three Fortune 500 Airline companies that are using Six Sigma: Delta Air LinesSouthwest…