Licensing iSixSigma Copyrighted Materials

We often get questions about content licensing portions or full articles from

We have worked with hundreds of companies, organizations and enterprises to help them solve their training, marketing and communications needs.

But content does not come without a cost. Each piece of content on iSixSigma is sourced, peer reviewed, edited, designed and professionally published to the highest standards.

Why License Content from iSixSigma?

Licensed iSixSigma content gives your organization the right to publish images, videos and full-text articles from across a company’s training and marketing channels: websites, emails and other communication platforms (e.g., Slack, Skype, etc.).

iSixSigma can provide your organization with information and articles for your weekly or monthly publications.

  • Enhance your organization’s Intranet or training website with valuable, trusted content.
  • Reduce your editorial and personnel costs by up to 3X with a feed from iSixSigma.
  • Increase your reader’s knowledge by outsourcing articles specific to your industry/sector.

No General Use of iSixSigma Content

iSixSigma does not license or give permission for the general use of the content on any of its websites or in any of its online publications. All material is copyright and is solely for the personal use of individuals who visit the sites and/or subscribe to the publications.

Permission for Use of Individual Articles or Materials

iSixSigma may, at its discretion, license articles or materials to businesses, professional associations, government agencies, schools and individuals for reproduction in print or on password-protected intranet sites.

On intranet sites, individual unmodified iSixSigma articles or materials are licensed for use during a single 30-day period for $100 per item. (Graphic elements contained within an article or other material are included in the price of that article.)

In print (including books, magazines, pamphlets, flyers and memos), individual unmodified iSixSigma articles or materials are licensed for a one-time use for $100 per item. (Graphic elements contained within an article or other materials are included in the price of that article.)

The fee is separate for each medium. Thus, if an article is to be used in print and on an intranet site, the fee would be $200.

Additional Reprint Requirement

In addition to paying the copyright fee, the following two lines must be associated with any reprint:

Copyright © 2000-[year] – All Rights Reserved | Reproduced with Permission

How to Obtain Permission

To obtain permission to use an individual iSixSigma article, print and complete this form. The next business day after the form and your payment are received, you will receive an email with written permission (if approved) for the use of the article or material you have requested.

Linking to iSixSigma as an Alternative

If you don’t have a budget for licensing iSixSigma content, consider creating a hyperlink to iSixSigma. With no cost, this option is a good way to share the power of iSixSigma articles and content. No request to link to our content on is necessary.

Limited Use of Materials for Public Educational Purposes

In special instances, iSixSigma provides permission for a limited number of print reproductions of articles or other materials to be distributed in classrooms of educational institutions. Please email your request to Copyright Requests.

Others With Special Needs

If your needs are not addressed above, such as Enterprise Licensing Agreements, please contact Copyright Requests and let us know what we can do for you.

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